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Texas Hold 'Em Square Poker Deck
Texas Hold 'Em Square Poker Deck
ACCOUTREMENTS: If you're playing Texas Hold 'Em with regular sized cards, sometimes it's hard to tell if you've flopped the nut flush or a full boat. This square deck of poker cards is specially designed to make it easier to see those all important flop cards so you don't end up making an expensive mistake. You can also use them to play any other game that requires a basic deck of cards. Each custom 2-7/8 inch x 2-7/8 inch (7.3 cm x 7.3 cm) deck of fifty-four plastic coated playing cards comes with one hundred and twenty 7/8" (2.2 cm) plastic chips in three colors.
Accoutrements 11597
Our manufacturer no longer produces this item.
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