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Sexy Bite Doubles
Sexy Bite Doubles Sexy Bite Doubles
Sexy Bite Doubles
The Most Comfortable and Best Wearing Fangs Ever Made! Streamlined For Comfort, and Double Chambered For Superior Anchoring!

Not only are they realistic, but Custom Designer Fangs can be repeatedly put in and taken out of their mouths at a moments notice. Custom Designer Fangs anchor securely, and do not fall out. You have your own natural bite, and do not have to bite down on the fang. Yet, they are easy to talk with, and they look natural! Besides their superior wear ability, YOU LOOK GREAT WITH THEM ON! They are marvelous Social Fangs for Social Events.

* New Smaller Sexy Fangs
* Double Your Pleasure!
* Perfect for the Smooth Man Or the Sexy Lady
* Creates a Seductive Look
* Nice Accessory for your Sexy Costumes
* New Shape, Same Custom Designer Fit
* Hottest Thing in Fangs!
* No Awful Smelling or Tasting Chemicals
* No Mixing of Toxic Chemicals

**The size is for effect, it is not the size of your tooth.

How to fit your fangs:
FootHills CSBD
Our manufacturer no longer produces this item.
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