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32 Oz Liquid Latex
Liquid Latex Fashions Ltd
32 Oz Liquid Latex
Liquid Latex Fashions Ltd:Our special formulation of liquid latex has been tested directly on the skin with repeated applications since 1994 and no negative or harmful effects have been noted. Liquid latex is not made as a permanent coating on surfaces. It will lift off the skin by itself after several hours. It will not clog the pores nor prevent perspiration from forming. Liquid Latex is permanent on Fabrics and clothing. Neon liquid latex that glows under black lights and brightly shines in normal light. Fluorescent liquid latex glows under black ligh
Liquid Latex Fashions Ltd 32
Our manufacturer no longer produces this item.
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This item may or may not be considered intimate apparel. Due to health and hygiene reasons, we cannot offer a return or exchange on any intimate apparel. An item is considered intimate apparel if any portion of the product comes in contact with the genital area.
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