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Back Pack
Luigino Speed Skating
Back Pack
Luigino Speed Skates: Luigino Backpack

The One You've All Been Waiting For...

We know, it's been a while... and there's a reason- QUALITY. We took our time with the choice of material and design of this bag, in order to ensure our customers' peace of mind. With a new, ergonomic, compact design, the 2009 Luigino Skate Bag fits great and can hold the weight. iPod? no probem, we included a felt pocket to store your mp3 player without having to worry about scratches and dings. All in all, this pack has 4 smaller pockets, a helmet compartment, a larger area for wheels, suits, or any other Luigino apparel you might have, a computer pocket (accessible from the side of the bag or the inside), ALL heavy duty zippers, heavy duty shoulder straps, and a heavy duty handle on top. It's safe to say, we've made some improvements.
Luigino Speed Skating BACKPACK
Our manufacturer no longer produces this item.
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