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Kids Challenge Adjustable
Luigino Speed Skating
Kids Challenge Adjustable
Luigino Speed Skate: 165 mounting, Kids Challenge adjustable skate.
Kids Challenge Adjustable

1 Skate 4 Sizes, the number one kids adjustable speed skate in the world

Luigino Racing didn't take any shortcuts developing an adjustable speed skate. With a good understanding kids need additional support as well as the their feet are not merely smaller in size but underdeveloped in several ways. Luigino's Challenge Adjustable shell is made of rigid plastic/glass matrix from a toddler LAST ensuring the boot fits the ankles snug giving support, performance and ultimately, a good time.
Features include: 165 mounting, slide mounting (horizontal), replaceable mounting nuts.
Luigino Speed Skating KCHALLENGEBOOT
Our manufacturer no longer produces this item.
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