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Pilot Frame
Luigino Speed Skating
Pilot Frame
Luigino Speed Skates: 195 mounting. This brilliant piece of engineering is designed to perfection and does exactly what it's intended to do- keep all the wheels properly aligned under vigorous torque. Whether you're cranking around turns at high speed or executing a powerful double push, the Pilot will improve your leverage and power transfer. The significant goal of perfect energy return is accomplished through the use of Hollow Bracing Technology; a tube-like system that maximizes the strength of the frame while keeping weight at a minimum. Unlike many manufacturers, we did not overlook the weight to strength ratio. The Luigino team of engineers set out to accomplish a feeling of perfection with an industry leading performance. The Pilot offers an amazing physical stiffness, allowing you to enjoy a soft feel that's easy to control on any venue. This tricky task is achieved in its architecture as well as in its process of production; a process known as CNC machining. Conclusively, this aluminum masterpiece maximizes your efficiency, allowing you to go farther faster, with less energy, all while maintaining an absolutely attractive style.
Luigino Speed Skating PILOTFRAME
Our manufacturer no longer produces this item.
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